Beta Fund is a $5 million early stage venture fund, focused on emerging high tech and biotech.

We are a small fund for small companies.  We invest early, typically at the angel financing stage, prior to typical venture capital financing, and in concert with other angel funds and groups.  We see this as the time when value grows fastest, capital can have the most impact, and good judgment and execution can make the biggest difference.

We focus in New England, and greater Boston in particular, which is one of the most vibrant and productive environments in the world for starting companies.

Technology continues to lead business and society through major shifts: small companies are growing into large ones faster than ever before, and new infrastructure is available to support that growth with capital efficiency. New products and services are replacing traditional ones. New companies can be leaner and more agile, and grow faster than was possible in the past. These trends are accelerating.

We’re excited, and looking forward to meeting the next big growth companies coming from the Boston area.  We hope we can help and join you for the journey.  Please contact us if you would like to introduce yourself or your company.